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Gnostic Creation Myth

QUESTION: What is the Gnostic creation myth?


The term Gnostic means -- to know, the acquiring of knowledge. Gnostics believe they receive salvation through their knowledge.

Christians believe the creation story (including the creation of Adam and Eve) to be historical fact. Human life on this earth descended from Adam and Eve. The Gnostics have an entirely different view. The Gnostics believe that Adam and Eve are not actual people but merely representative of whom we are inside -- our soul or spirit.

The Gnostics authored a document called the Nag Hammadi scriptures which posses an entirely different view of the creation story.

The Gnostic creation myth essentially states that the Genesis account of creation is not a historically factual account. The Gnostics embrace the mythological sense of this through an acquiescence of knowledge.

The Gnostics believe that Adam and Eve were not the original man and woman from whom all other life came, but merely representations of two intrapsychic principles found inside every human being.

The Gnostic creation myth believes that the name Adam deals more with knowledge - psyche comprehension that each person has, and the term Eve relates more to our emotional, feeling, and sensing knowledge base.

The Gnostic Creation Myth which had been disregarded for centuries has resurfaced in our modern era in the form of New Age thinking.

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