History of Christianity in England

What is the history of Christianity in England?

The history of Christianity in England can be traced back to the early centuries, when the Bible was being canonized, or approved, by the early Christian church fathers. These early church fathers established many of the creeds that present-day Christians hold, and are the foundation for believing in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The English church held to these beliefs. However, as time progressed and the early church starting changing from a truly catholic (meaning universal) church, the Christianity of England moved in the direction and rule of Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism involved a deep, devout belief in God; however, this meant being controlled under the guise of the man of God, the Papacy, rather than being directed by the Son of God, Jesus.

Christianity of England would be under much turmoil throughout the next several centuries. There would be the crusades, which involved taking back the Holy Land from the Muslims, and the establishment of Roman Catholicism. This established a rule and reign of Christianity by the papacy, or the pope of Roman Catholics -- the ordained man of God leading the church rather than the Church being directed by Jesus and the Word of God.

The Christianity of England was uncertain, as reformers, such as John Wycliffe, Jacob Arminius, and John Calvin would try to reform the church. They attempted to bring Christianity back to the Church of England by communicating the Word of God to the people, and letting them make the true Christian decision by being led by God and not by man.

The state of Christianity in England is well founded by men and women of God throughout the last few centuries. Various denominations were established as people (Christians) held to different viewpoints or understanding of what the church should be, and to what the church should or should not believe or adhere.

Today the Church of England has several denominations that are Bible believing and hold that Jesus is the only way of salvation, that Christians can hear the voice of God, and are led by Gods Holy Spirit. The Christianity of England has grappled significantly with what it is to be Christian throughout the centuries, and has undergone a torrent of beliefs and faith.

Christianity in England has had and does have a heart for God -- as King David did. However, it is misguided at times, as many Christians both present and past struggle with sin, doctrine and comprehending and apprehending the Word of God and all it entails. Disagreements between Christians still occur. However, the glue or essence of Christianity in England is that salvation alone comes by Jesus Christ.

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