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Truth About Eckankar

QUESTION: What is the truth about Eckankar?


The truth about Eckankar is that it is a form of Hinduism with a modern face.

Oriental Hinduism doesn’t appeal to the Western mindset because Hinduism conjures up pictures of women dressed in sari’s, men with turbans and baggy pants, or snake charmers sitting on street corners. We see poverty, filth, and cows wandering in the streets. That is not an attractive package to the Westerner. The devil had to come with a modern package. Enter Paul Twitchell, the originator.

When one looks at the pictures of the modern facility that houses the Eckankar movement in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and reads the advertising blurbs, it looks very Western and very alluring. The contemplative paths look inviting.

Paul Twitchell was an avid reader of eastern and occult literature. He studied with the Hindu guru Kirpal Singh and became a member of Swami Premananda’s church. He was also a staff member of Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. In time, he broke with all three of these and denied any involvement with them.

Cult buster David Lane wrote a college term paper noting the similarities between Eckankar and Radhoasoami, a branch of surat shabd yoga, founded in India in the 19th century. The Radhasoami movement is a yogic teaching which is designed to enable the soul to ascend beyond the physical body to higher spiritual regions by means of an inner sound or life current. Lane claims that when Twitchell started his own movement of Eckankar he plagiarized entire chapters from Radhasoami texts, and lied about biographical details.

The teachings of Eckankar are Hindu in origin.

When one is looking for the truth about Eckankar or anything else for that matter, one must look at who the god is that is operating behind the scenes. Right now the Living Eck Master -- the Mahanta -- is Harold Klemp. Harold Klemp says it is necessary to have a Mahanta to do soul travel. According to Klemp soul travel is a step up from astral projection. He says, “The Mahanta enters the domicile of your heart at your invitation.”

Can Harold Klemp enter your heart? Or will the spirit that is driving Harold Klemp enter? And who might that be? Or will it be the spirit of Kirpal Singh, or anyone else out of the Hindu pantheon of deities?

There is a grave danger when a person gives over his mind control to another being, living or discarnate. The devil appears in many guises. He even appears as an angel of light. Is that who or what the initiate receives without knowing it?

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