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Learn the basic beliefs of several world religions. Where do their beliefs originate from? Are they truth or error?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Religion

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Frequently Asked Questions on Religion

What is Christianity
How would you define Christianity? What is the religion based upon? What are the basic tenants?

Ash Wednesday and Lent
What is the purpose of these observances? What does the Bible say? Find out how to prepare yourself for Easter.

Ash Wednesday and Lent Video
What is Ash Wednesday and Lent? How do they fit into your life and what is the importance?

Learn the basic beliefs and practices of this religion. What are their views and is it compatible with Christianity?

Beginning Of Christianity
The roots are far from squeaky clean. Narrow, exclusive and elitist? Check out the background of this wonderfully inclusive faith!

Beginning of Christianity Video
Dr. Timothy Paul Jones takes you through the most important events in Christian history. What is the beginning of Christianity?

Belief Systems Video
Stream this short clip! What is the origin, foundation, and authority of the various worldviews, religions, and belief systems?

Belief in God
Are there common reasons why people believe in God? Why should you consider it? Find out more info here.

Bible and Qur'an
What distinctives are there between these two books? Which has proven trustworthy in regard to prophecy?

Blessed Virgin Mary
The mother of Jesus was truly blessed. Check out some of the controversies here.

Blessed Virgin Mary Video
Mary Did You Know performed by CeeLo Green featuring scenes from producers Roma Downey Mark Burnett's epic minseries THE BIBLE.

Book of Mormon Facts
Learn more about the Book of Mormon and what it teaches. How does it stack up in accuracy?

Born Again Christian
Find answers about the term born again. When people say use this term, what do they mean? Find out where it originated.

Buddha Statue
What does the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism teach? What are the variants of Buddhism?

Buddha Statue Video
What do Buddhists believe? Dr Richard Howe explains Buddhism in a short video clip.

Catholic Priests
What are the structural statistics surrounding the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church?

What is Chrislam? How is it presented and why it is being taught in churches across America? Find out.

Christian Church
The Christian church isn't about formal denominations or institutions, it's about the Body of Christ throughout the world.

Christian Church Video
Randall Niles looks at rules and rituals of religion taking the place of a real relationship with God.

Christian Faith
What's at the core of Bible-based Christianity? It's about historical events, not just religious faith.

Christian Faith Video
Randall Niles reviews the number one evidence for the Christian faith, a transformed life.

It's not about religion at all. It's about a true relationship with Christ.

Church History
Concise summary showing much is to be gleaned from the events between the time of the apostles and the present.

Church of Scientology
What do Scientologists believe and what does the church teach? What are the basic doctrines and beliefs?

Church of Scientology Video
Randall Niles reviews the recent fraud conviction from France and its possible implications for other religions, movements, and belief systems throughout the world.

Does Eckankar teach incarnation? Is it similar to Hindu philosophy? Are moral standards included in its teachings?

Gnostic Gospels
What do these newly discovered texts really tell us? Are they reliable? Are they even useful?

Gnostic Gospels 2
Scholars are quick to embrace these new discoveries on suspect scholarship, while rejecting the simple and sound.

Gnostic Gospels 3
What should we make of these “new” gospel accounts of Jesus and the early church? Are they biblical?

Stream this short but provocative video on Gnosticism. Watch as the Bible comes alive with this short video clip!

God and Justice
What does God’s justice mean? Why couldn’t He simply forgive us? Why did Jesus have to die?

History Of Christianity
Examine the roots of a facts-based faith. Study the reliable history of Jesus Christ, the Messiah foretold in prophecy.

History of Christianity Video
Randall Niles looks at the history of mankind's attempt to understand, seek, and reconcile with God, including a big bang of religions and philosophies starting about 500 BC.

Is Allah God
Is Allah the same as the God of the Bible? Find out the answer by studying the attributes of each.

Is Allah God Video
Bobby draws some distinctions between the Muslim god Allah and the God of the Bible, Yahweh.

Is the Bible trustworthy
How do we know the biblical manuscripts are reliable? Do we have them in their original form?

Jehovah's Witness Religion
What are the major beliefs, theological positions, and social beliefs of this religion? Study the facts here.

Jehovahs Witness Religion Video
Who do JWs say Jesus is? Bobby talks about how Jehovah's Witnesses define the person Jesus Christ.

Jesus Seminar
Concise critique of the presupposition that anything outside the realm of natural explanation can never be backed by historical evidence.

Jesus Seminar Video
What is the Jesus Seminar? John Ankerberg takes on the conclusions of this group.

Why are there so many different spellings for this religion? What are its basic teachings and beliefs?

What do the followers of Maitreya believe? Is it different in various countries? What about the Chinese Maitreya or the Buddha Maitreya?

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses
Why was this document so important in the Protestant Reformation? Read the Theses and find out.

Messianic Jew
Yeshua revealed as the Messiah. The power of prophecy in the Jewish scriptures. Wonderful testimonies and ministries from the Jewish community.

Mormonism vs Christianity
What are the differences and similarities between these two world religions? Find out the theological differences.

Mormonism vs Christianity Video
Can Mormons become gods? Can they become equal with Jesus? Bobby takes on this controversial issue.

Origin Of Islam
Who founded this major religion? When did it originate? Discover insights into this world religion.

Origin Of Islam 2
Discover what Muslims believe and the basic historical facts that make up this world religion.

Origin Of Religion
What's the worldwide timeline on the various religions? Why do religions start in the first place?

Origin of Islam Video
Bobby covers the core beliefs of Muslims. What do Muslims believe? What are the pillars?

Origin of Religion
What is the authority by which you live? Is it a teacher, a pastor, your own thinking? Can a person create his own worldview?

A protector of the true Christian faith, this church leader held fast to biblical doctrine.

Polycarp Video
Stream this short video on Polycarp. Discover the history behind this early church father and martyr.

Pope John Paul II
A review of the papal system in the Roman Catholic Church.

Reformation Day
What is the purpose of this day? What happened in 1517? Why was Martin Luther so upset?

What is the proof? What is the connection with Karma? What are the facts? What is the truth? Does it lead to relief or misery?

Reincarnation 2
What are the facts? Where is the proof? What is the result of this belief? Study here.

Reincarnation 3
What are the facts? Where is the proof? What is the result of this belief? Study here.

What is the history of religion? Why do humans feel the need to subject themselves to religion? Find out here.

Religion Comparison
What's at the heart of division within the Christian church? Here's a brief summary.

Religion Comparison Video
What makes Christianity different? Dr. Craig Hazen shares with Bobby Conway what distinguishes Christianity from other faiths.

Religion Video
A modern parable, this insightful video illustration examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions and finding his salvation in Christ.

Religion and Government
What is the relationship between religion and government? What is our personal role in these topics?

Religious Pillars
How does God view outward religious acts? Does He value your heart and motivation more than the religious act?

Religious Pillars Video
What do Muslims believe? Bobby tackles this topic by explaining the five pillars.

Religious Pluralism
Changing the core message of the Christian faith is rampant. Why is this happening and what's the end result?

Religious Pluralism 2
What is liberal Christianity? Why is it so prevalent today?

Religious Pluralism 3
Changing the core message of the Christian faith is rampant. Why is this happening and what's the end result?

Religious Pluralism Video
Bobby clarifies the concept of religious pluralism and how it applies to one of the core tenets of Christianity: salvation through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholic Church
What's the doctrine of grace? What's the doctrine of works? Why does any of this matter?

Roman Catholic Church 2
The background and theology of Roman Catholicism. What's at the core of the Church?

Learn about Nanek and the origins of Sikhism. How did he blend Hinduism and Islam to form a new religion?

Learn what the word means and how it was developed. Discover what they believe and teach to their people.

The Road to Heaven
Learn the differences between the Muslim road and the Christian road. What does the Muslim Holy Book say about Jesus?

The Virgin Mary
What's the biblical background of Mary and how has tradition added to that?

The Virgin Mary Video
Watch an interpretation of the birth of Jesus Christ. What occurred that day?

Transcendental Meditation
What's the history of this movement? Is it religious expression or new age spirituality?

True Christian
What characterizes a believer in Jesus Christ? How do people change when they invite Jesus into their life?

True Christian Video
What does it mean to be a Christian? Andy Stanley talks about Jesus lived and loved.

Violence in the Bible
What does God’s Word say about war and violence? Find out here through our summary of the discussion.

What is Christian Religion Video
Watch this incredible video answer! Is there a difference between Christian religion and a relationship with Jesus?

What is Christianity Video
Sean McDowell gives us 4 reasons why we should look to Christianity first when starting a religious quest. What are they?

What is True Religion Video
Why is Christianity a reasonable faith? Dr. Craig Hazen shares with Bobby Conway what makes it distinct from other religions.

What is True Religion?
What characterizes a religion? Is there one true religion? What does the Bible say religion is to God?

What is prayer
How does prayer work? What is the purpose of it? How do we pray correctly? Is there a formula?

Wicca Religion
What are the basic beliefs of Wiccans? Is it an earth-centered religion? Who are the gods and goddesses?

Worship on Sunday
Why do Christians worship on Sunday rather than the Sabbath? Is there a biblical reason or is it purely cultural?

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