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Religious Pluralism

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Religious Pluralism - One Way, Numerous Ways…

KING: Don't you believe, Bishop Talbert, that Christianity is the right path?
TALBERT: I do believe for Christians, but we're not here to settle which religion is right. That dispute belongs to God. We are here to practice what we preach.

KING: Do you believe your religion is right?

TALBERT: Yes I do.

KING: Or else why believe it.

TALBERT: That is right.

KING: So therefore, the other religions have to be wrong.

TALBERT: No, I don't say that at all.

KING: If you believe your religion is right. The other religions are wrong.

TALBERT: I believe my God is large enough to be inclusive of all human beings who were created in God's image, and that includes those religions that are not Christians.

MACARTHUR: I want to ask a question. Why did Jesus say -- why did Paul say -- if any man preaches any other Christ than the true Jesus Christ, let him be cursed? Why does the Bible say neither is there salvation in any other name than Jesus Christ? Why does the scripture condemn anyone who rejects Jesus Christ and the gospel of Christ? Why is the message so exclusive?

TALBERT: For me, salvation in Jesus Christ is the way, and what I try to do as a Christian is to live that example. My responsibility is not to convert all other religions, but to live the Christian faith in the face of those religions. Are you going to say that my -- our friend on the show tonight who is Jewish is on the wrong path? That's God's choice. That's God's judgment, not mine.

KING: Max, what is your view of Islam?

LUCADO: Well, I guess it depends on if you're asking it from a political or religious point of view.

KING: I guess from religious.

LUCADO: Religious point of view -- it is a different approach to God than the Christian approach to God. My understanding as a Christian is that we're saved by what Christ did for us, whereas the Islamic faith says we're saved by what we do for God.

KING: But do you think, Bishop Talbert, that these differing opinions are leading to lots of conflict in the world?

TALBERT: I believe they're leading for a lot of conflicts because we do not open ourselves to each other and learn and grow. I have talked with Muslim leaders. They are -- the ones that I have met -- very fine people. They're on their way, just as certain as I'm on my way. And what we need to do is to be tolerant with each other and not assume that our way is the only way.

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