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Maitreya – Who Is it?
Maitreya is the name of a person of religious stature who claims to be the answer to the world’s quest for peace. By embracing all religions as pointing to the same returning Deliverer, Maitreya has taken on the mantle of the Master of Masters.

In India, they have believed in a Buddhist Maitreya for the last 2500 years. They are building a 500-foot bronze statue to become a worship temple for his followers. A Maitreya is one who refuses to enter into nirvana (or totality), because of his compassion to bring others with him. The Indian belief is that he will return in 30,000 years during a period of decline. He will be the future Buddha.

The Chinese people regard him as a folk deity that wanders the country with a third eye in his back. Chinese political leaders have claimed to be Maitreya to retain governmental control. Koreans think of him as the god of fertility. The Japanese have also had a claim to Maitreya by the celebrated teacher Kukai.

Maitreya – What does he teach?
Many purported Maitreya have appeared throughout the centuries claiming to be the one true path to holiness and peace. A more modern day Maitreya has appeared in diverse places since 1973 and has even announced a future interview through a medium.

Maitreya is embraced by the New Age movement. This belief encompasses elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabala, Sufism, Christianity and any other path that endorses a relationship with God. The seal of Maitreya shows the I-Ching, the Star of David, the Cross, a crescent moon, a nine-armed star, another Star of David with a rising sun, and a seventh sign meaning Pure Consciousness that has a swastika symbol in its center. The entire symbol is called the Greatest Sign.

Maitreya – How does it compare with the Bible?
Many of the doctrines used in the Mission of Maitreya are taken out of context from the Hebrew and Christian Bible. They have been adapted to prophesy about Maitreya instead of Jesus Christ. For instance, Maitreya is called “The Lion of the Tribe of Juda” whereas in the Bible, Jesus is “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.”

The Christian Bible warns of many imposters that will come into the world to deceive people into false religions. This is a diversionary tactic used by Satan to draw us away from the true path to God, which is Jesus Christ.

Maitreyan belief holds that the Christ has to return to the world as a child again in order to bring about universal peace, salvation, and unity with God. Jesus was just another voice pointing a way to God according to their doctrine.

The Bible states that Christ will return in the same way He left. His disciples, who were the witnesses, saw Him taken up into the sky into heaven. The Bible also says to be wary of anyone who says ‘Here is the Christ’ or ‘There is the Christ.’ Jesus will be seen by everyone all over the world at the same time.

The followers of Maitreya are giving him credit for the signs and wonders in the news worldwide. Crosses of light, healing waters, milk-drinking icons, and weeping statues are purportedly from Maitreya. Even crop circles are claimed by him!

Other scholars have considered Maitreya to be another antichrist if not the antichrist that is to come in the end times according to the Christian Bible. Buddhist teachers have not recognized any of the sightings of Maitreya. Their teaching has specific requirements and Maitreya has not met any of those conditions personally. The world needs to be in specific circumstances that have been predicted.

Over the years, cultures have adopted some of the characteristics of the most popular religions and adapted them to suit their needs for their people. They are all looking for a place of perfection, harmony, love, and unity.

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