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Virgin Mary Apparitions

QUESTION: Virgin Mary apparitions- Are they legitimate?


Virgin Mary apparitions at Fatima, Portugal are one of the most well known, even among non-Catholics. In 1917, three shepherd girls saw a vision of a lady whom they presumed to be the Virgin Mary. The apparition came back six times with messages for the children to relay to the world. No one else saw the vision of the lady except for the children; however the people saw other manifestations, such as solar lights coming at them.

Because of the apparent solar manifestations, the people believed the words of the children and worshipped Mary.

This occurrence has merited the Catholic Church's stamp of approval as a legitimate supernatural event.

But was it Mary the mother of Jesus or was it something else?

Fatima was the name of Mohamed's daughter for whom the town was named. The town kept its name even after the Moors were defeated.

In David Vierra's e-book "The Virgin Mary," he presents compelling evidence that the apparition the children saw was a manifestation of a familiar spirit of Babylonian origin masquerading as Mary. The apparition supposedly identified itself not as Mary but as The Lady of the Rosary whom the children understood to be Mary, the mother of Jesus.

He also "proves" that the solar manifestations were UFO phenomenon.

What about the Virgin Mary sightings at Medjugorje? Pope John Paul II commended it. He has called for a Marian Church, a universal church under the headship of Mary. On August 1, 1989, he made this statement in Rome. "Today the world has lost its sense of the supernatural, but many are searching for it, and find it in Medjugorje. . ."

On the 25th of each month, Our Lady appears to the Medjugorje visionary Marija who then goes into a trance which sometimes can last up to 30 minutes. After the apparition leaves, Marija shares the message. Each message is concluded with "I am with you and bless you with my motherly blessing."

That sounds like New Age channeling. Who are the spirits that come through a medium in a channeling session? They are deceiving spirits sent from the Big Deceiver. They can say anything they wish and impersonate anyone they want in order to make themselves sound big and important, but it is still necromancy and condemned by God. In 1 Samuel 28:16, we learn why people seek after such things. It is because spirit of God has departed from them.

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