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What Is Liturgy

QUESTION: What is liturgy?


Liturgy comes from a Greek word “leitourgia” which is a word that is used to describe the work of an individual in service or all Christian service. It has come to mean an established formula for public worship, a proscribed ritual which many churches use in their services and in their ceremonial rites. In a Catholic Church, it can include all forms and services in any language in any part of the world for the celebration of Mass, for example. The liturgy can refer to the daily activity of the Muslim slat or attendance at a Quaker meeting.

In Christian circles, liturgical churches are generally referred to as those with an emphasis on a traditional practice where the words for worship and service are formally written out as opposed to a less structured service style, the practice of many of the Protestant Christian denominations. Some of the more liturgical churches are the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and some Anglican and Lutheran churches.

Another definition of liturgy refers to the specific procedures for the Last Supper. It is theorized that liturgy started from Jesus having the last Passover supper with His disciples. He instructed them to repeat the ceremony of breaking bread and sharing wine to remember Him after He was gone. Then Christ said that He would not drink the “fruit of the vine” until the Kingdom of God comes (Luke 22:7-20). The disciples, attempting to emulate this ceremony, established the first liturgy. Jesus asked the disciples to have what we call the Lord’s Supper frequently to remember Him and to remember His sacrifice for us. Participation in the liturgy of the Lord’s Supper shows our heartfelt gratitude for His sacrifice on our behalf, strengthens our faith, and renews our commitment to serving Him. Although the procedure may differ somewhat from church to church, the significance is the same: Christ died on the cross for our sins and will return soon in all of His glory as the King of Kings to claim His kingdom.

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